Warranty Terms & Conditions

General Warranty Terms and Conditions 
  1. PLAYNEXT AUDIO (UEN: 53455975A) (hereinafter referred to as “PlayNext”, ”Us”, “We, ”Our”) warrants Our products (“Product”) to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the period as set forth in this Limited Product Warranty (“Warranty”).
  2. This Warranty is only valid in Singapore as delivered new in the original packaging to the original end-user purchaser (“Purchaser”), subject to the exclusions, terms and conditions. The Product is not eligible for any international Warranty service.
  3. If the Product requires repair, We may, at Our option and sole discretion, repair, replace or exchange it with an equivalent product or part(s) of similar technical specification that may be refurbished or new. We will retain the replaced part(s) or Product that is exchanged during service as Our property. Repaired, replaced, or exchanged parts or the Product will continue to be under Warranty for the remaining Product Warranty period (as defined in Section C) from the date of original delivery. 
  4. Except where otherwise expressly provided, the terms and conditions of this warranty are contained exclusively herein, and no other agreement, provision or statement, regardless of the origin of the same, shall be accepted as extending, adding to, subtracting from or otherwise altering the terms of this warranty. No warranty or guarantee given by any other person, firm or corporation with respect to the Product shall be binding on PlayNext.
  5. The Warranty period commences on the date of original delivery. In the case where the Purchaser lost the proof-of-purchase, the Warranty period shall be deemed to have started 3 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the products or obtained from the serial number.
  6. Servicing is available if the Product is on mainland Singapore, Singapore islands or territories connected to mainland Singapore and accessible through roads but excluding other Singapore islands or territories. 
  7. This Warranty does not provide coverage if the Product is situated outside of Singapore.
  8. This Warranty does not cover missing accessories or external parts of the Product, unless such a claim is made within seven (7) days from the date of original delivery. 
  9. Physical faults and/or defects of the Product which can reasonably be discovered through visual inspections on the date of delivery or immediately thereafter must be reported within seven (7) days from the date of delivery. Failing which, no faults and/or defects will be deemed to be present at the time of delivery.
  10. Minor imperfections within manufacturing or design specifications that do not materially alter or affect the functionality of the Product are not considered a defect under this Warranty.
  11. Product is considered Out-of-Warranty based on the conditions set forth in Section B and Section C of this Warranty.
  12. For walk-in warranty claims, costs to transport the Product to the service center authorized by PlayNext for service will not be borne by Us unless otherwise required by law. 
  13. This Warranty does not cover any trade-in or top-up upgrade unless authorized by PlayNext.
  14. To the fullest extent permitted by law, PlayNext and Our authorized representatives shall not be in any way liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special, or similar damages whatsoever arising from or in connection with the use, inability to use, or performance of the Product, including without limitation loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of opportunity, loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, loss of use, or any associated equipment, loss of or damage to other property due to the malfunction of the Product, costs of substitute equipment, costs of recovering, reprogramming or reproducing any program or data stored in or used with a system containing within the Product, or loss, damage, corruption of data.
  15. PlayNext, nor Our authorized representatives guarantee that the Product will be free from loss, corruption, attack, viruses, interference, hacking, or other security intrusions, and disclaim any related liabilities. The Purchaser shall be responsible for safeguarding the Product. 
  16. Time shall not be of the essence as Our services can be inadvertently affected by factors outside of Our control. We shall not be liable for any losses, compensation, or damages arising out of delays, loss of use, etc.
  17. PlayNext reserves the right to impose service or transport charges on the Product which are outside the cover of the Warranty. We also reserve the right to decline to provide service where the Product is obsolete, no longer deemed serviceable, out-of-warranty period, or no longer replaceable for any reason.
  18. This Warranty shall be considered null and void if the Product has been modified by an unauthorized person or company.
  19. PlayNext shall reserve the right to amend, modify or change the terms and conditions in this Warranty herein due to change(s) in the availability of services, products, and/or spare parts or for the purposes of complying with applicable policies, rules, regulations, and law, with or without notice.
Limitations and Exclusions 

This Limited Product Warranty does not cover:

  1. When the Warranty Period has expired or voided.
  2. Any free gift(s), consumables, and external accessories that may or may not be included during the time of purchase including but not limited to, batteries, remote control, cables, and installation kits.
  3. Non-operational, and non-functional part(s) which do not affect the functionality and operation of the Product including but not limited to ports cover, etc.
  4. If the Product is not in mainland Singapore or territories not connected to mainland Singapore and inaccessible through roads.
  5. Damage and/or malfunction of the Product including, but not limited to, excessive use outside of the intended purpose, unauthorized modification(s), improper use, improper mounting unless installed by PlayNext**, mishandling, protective film, scratches, improper storage, improper ventilation, negligence, tampering or abuse, corrosion, liquid damage, whether willful or not.
  6. Natural aging of materials, normal wear and tear, or if the Purchaser changes their mind. 
  7. Damage and/or malfunction of the Product resulting from software, sideloaded application(s) and/or program(s), VPN, virus(es), user facilitated minor adjustments and settings.
  8. Alteration of the proof-of-purchase or model/serial number in any way or is made illegible. (e.g. removed, defaced, altered, or tampered)
  9. Software, non-failure and/or non-functional issues that do not require parts exchanged, including, but not limited to, operating system, applications, reception, demonstration, training, adjustments, set-up, installations, battery change, screws tightening, short circuit, routine maintenance and servicing, periodic checkups, cleaning, checking for improper operation or incorrect use.
  10. Damage, fault or failure due to alteration or repairs made by anyone other than us and/or our authorized service provider, or the use of supplies and accessories other than those manufactured by Us.
  11. Damage and/or malfunction resulted from the abuse of the product or by environmental conditions including, but not limited to, dust, animals, insect infestation, power surge, unusual voltage, fire, natural disaster, rain, flood, etc.
  12. Cosmetic defects include, but not limited to, scratches, rust, dirt, stains, dents, etc.
  13. Damages caused by connecting non-recommended peripherals, and additional equipment or accessories in the user manual.
  14. Products that have image retention are not covered as it is temporary: they will go off naturally in time.
  15. Compatibility issues with external devices including but not limited to TV, Home Theatre System, Gaming Devices, etc.
  16. Application(s), operating system, feature, function, and/or program(s) that have been made unavailable by the developer(s); not intended or available for use in Singapore.
  17. Products installed at places where the air is exposed to the hazardous condition such as chemical fumes
  18. When the product is not reasonably accessible or cannot be safely accessed by a service technician as determined by PlayNext including but not limited to when the product is mounted higher than 350cm from the floor level, customized cabinet, feature wall, etc. For health and safety reasons, the product must be uninstalled and placed at floor level for accessibility by the Purchaser. PlayNext shall not be responsible or held liable for any damages to the product or consequential loss incurred.
  19. Change of Ownership that requires the transfer of warranty. The previous owner is required to write in to furnish PlayNext personnel with the new owner's contact details and particulars. Terms and Conditions will still remain in force.
  20. You agree and acknowledge that PlayNext's exclusions and limitations of liability are reasonable in the circumstances.
Limited Product Warranty Chart

Product Category

Warranty Duration

Warranty Type

Scope of Warranty

Ceiling Speakers (Active)

1 Year

Walk-In Exchange

Labour & parts

Ceiling Speakers (Passive) 

1 Year

Walk-In Exchange

Labour & parts

** Installation warranty only applies if the product was installed by PlayNext or Our authorized installer. Installation warranty does not cover labour cost for dismounting and mounting of Product if it is higher than 350cm from the floor.